Monday, July 9, 2012

friends fun camera and a little drizzle

One sparkling, chilly Saturday morning, I got to have some photography fun with four gorgeous girls
We had lots of fun being silly and just having fun

We just wondered through Graham and Marion Bosvelds block and found the green of winter to be so bright and magical
Gods creation truly comes to life with a little bit of drizzling rain

Saturday, July 7, 2012

House and abouts

Cohen being well ... Cohen really
Bubble fun
See Tupperware is good for more then just food storage. It provides endless times of fun.

 Above: Cohen absolutely loves dogs. This is a teddy from Nan Hamelink which is the closest thing he has to the real thing at the moment :D
 Helping Daddy fit the vacuum unit
Watching the truck deliver some sand for the paving


swim time

Having fun with daddy

 Outside loving Uncle Bruce's Ute
Master new shopping trolleys
Every Wednesday morning Cohen has swimming lessons at Kwinana Recquatic Center. He loves the water and it helps that we use the hydro pool so we stay nice and warm. At first when I started I had my doubts about what he could possibly learn but I guess that is the whole point of learning. I was well and truly proved wrong. While at first he didn't mind going underwater he isn't a fan of it now. He has learned a safe entry into the pool. (hands to the side and slide) and he is quite confident with the floaties on. I am very surprised to see how much he has actually learned. 
A big thank you to all the instructors.

1st haircut

One fine afternoon after Cohen had a nice sleep I decided it was time for him to have a haircut. We kept talking about it but I just couldn't bring myself to cut off his little locks. So we embarked out to Just Cuts at Gateways shopping center. 
 Before the scissors. :)

 Tractors are a good distraction :)

 I was the typical had to take photos mum and my heart was racing as she took the scissors to his head for the first cut. I must say I was very pretty brave. I didn't cry. Although my heart did sink a lot little when it was all done and my baby was now a little boy. I think that was the one thing holding me back. It feels like only yesterday I held him in my arms for the first time and he has grown so much.

As I look back on the year that has gone by I must say that I look back with nothing but happiness. Being a parent is guaranteed hard work. There are definitely hard days. But above all that the love that you share with your child is indescribable. It is hard to imagine that you could have so much love. We have been so richly blessed!

I pray that we continue to remember our blessings and I pray that all parents do. 
Because that is what a child is
A blessing!

Haircut complete

Monday, June 11, 2012


WOW. I'm not gonna make any excuses. I'm just not really good at this. I hope to, I'm trying to get better at it.

Over the past couple of months quite a bit has happened. 

House updates
Brick paving around the outside is almost complete.
Plans for our pool are in council awaiting approval.
We got curtains put in the bedrooms.

Life updates
Cohen is now almost 16 months old.
I celebrated my 26th birthday and got very spoilt.
We got news that Owen, Bronya and the girls are returning home. YAY!
We shared in receiving a new minister in Rockingham congregation.
We celebrated lots of family birthdays. (too many to mention separately)
We recieved two new nephews in just 4 days, Judah Johan & Fletcher Henry.
We bought a sweet old school 3 wheeler motorbike.
We endured a once in a century storm ;)

Just to name a few. :)

Wishing everybody a safe, happy and warm night. 

Be back soon
Love Hayley.

Monday, February 20, 2012

party time

On cohens birthday we had a little birthday bash with some of the kidlets that will be in his class (when he starts school) I know thinking way to far ahead but it was soo cute to see them all together. Jason & I had loads of fun setting up, decorations, decorating the cake, making cake pops, cupcakes etc. Cohen well he had heaps of fun playing with his little friends and eating lots of yummy food. Then on Saturday afternoon we headed down to the beach with the grandpraents, uncles, aunties & cousins for a bbq. :)

Lots of photos to follow. :) And of course the theme was blue and green. :)

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day very special!